How to review an IPA

You can review a beer any way you want to on this site – it’s up to you. You can follow a structure that is based on the “Beer Judge Certification Program Style Guidelines for Beer, Mead, and Cider” (see here), you can invent your own structure, or you can be completely unstructured. Perhaps a Haiku might even be in order…

The review template on this site is set up so that you can give a rating from 1.0 to 100.0 (in increments of 1.0) for the various elements of the beer being reviewed, and then whatever comments you would like to add. The elements derived from the aforementioned “Style Guidelines” follow the model of A-S-T-M-O, which you might be familiar with from sites like The A is for appearance, S for smell, T for taste, M for mouthfeel, and O for your overall rating for the beer.

My approach when reviewing a beer is to give my numerical ratings of the beer’s various elements and then post whatever noteworthy thoughts I have about the beer in the “Comments” section. My comments typically focus on taste since that’s why I’m drinking the beer in the first place. However, I often find something else interesting about the beer; maybe it’s the smell, sometimes the appearance, once in a while the mouthfeel. However, if you want to focus completely on mouthfeel knock yourself out – this is your party!

Reviewers on other sites typically give their thoughts on each of the various A-S-T-M-O elements – that is absolutely welcomed here, too. Remember – anything goes. Even if you want to start the Review Haiku we’ll love you just the same.